In life I am a minimalist. In art, in art I am able to allow the mess of popular culture (brand names, trademarks, logos, identifiable characters and iconic objects) to mix and overlap meanings within the confines of the four edges of a painting.

Cultural references allow the paintings to pull in issues and experiences from world at large, just as early painters alluded to accepted Classical and Christian themes. There is the pure aesthetic experience of viewing a painting itself, then there is the impact on the viewer once they begin to relate to the abstract ideas brought in by references to the world outside the painting.

Matthew Szymanski

Current Projects: I am currently working on several Memory Mapping Projects. My first one will be of downtown Raleigh, NC. We will create a large scale (60 foot by 60 foot) map of the downtown area during SPARKcon and allow people to record and attach memories related to specific places of the Capital City. This will create an artifact suggesting which areas of the city have the greatest cultural impact on participants. It will also cause people to think about how the design of their environments impacts them personally as they interact with Downtown. The map will last for 2 days on Fayetteville Street, but parts of it will be preserved in a traveling show which will be presented in various venues around the city.

Latest Painted Work: My latest series “Trendy Men think about Bison” is a response to a recent trip through the historic plains of Montana. My goal is to utilize a language of stylized elements along with clip art, catalog photo spreads, and bold juxtapositions of texture-filled color create interesting and provocative compositions. The paintings are meant to reference not just to bison, but all things which were once plentiful but have now gone the way of the buffalo.

Latest Publication: “Manna is Not Breakfast Cereal” was selected for inclusion in the latest published issue of “Studio Visit Magazine.”

Matthew is represented by Evan Chaisson of 314 Industries, Indie Arts Consortium.